Ghost River (Paperback)

Ghost River (Paperback)

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Everything dies in the desert.

Orphan Rock, that little sunset town in the middle of the Ghost River Nation.

Locals call the land haunted.

Wiser folk call it cursed.

Whatever the case may be, something evil’s stirring under the dirt.

This is the story about the folks who still live out there.

And the dead ones too.

Part horror, part American magical realism, Chad Ryan’s Ghost River is a dark, gritty, and desolate journey into the peaks and gulches of the human spirit.


This dark tale is for mature readers (age 18+).

It explores sensitive subject matter, including scenes of graphic violence, sexual situations, and disturbing imagery, language, and concepts that readers may find unsettling. Themes of misogyny, domestic abuse, and sexual assault may be triggering for some readers. Proceed with caution.

For a detailed list of content warnings (w/light spoilers):

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