Heroes (Hardcover)

Heroes (Hardcover)

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When adversity strikes, we call upon heroes to save the day.

In this anthology, talented writers retell the timeless tales of saviors from legend.

Remaining true to their origins, this collection features 14 reimagined sagas of courage, strength, ingenuity, and most importantly, hope.

You may know their stories…

But not told like this.

Featuring Works By:

  • Daniel Quigley
  • Jess L. Tong
  • Laura McLoughlin
  • Stephen Howard
  • Chris Durston
  • Madeline Dau
  • Michael J. Mullen II
  • Douglas Jern
  • Matthew Siadak
  • R. Raeta
  • Jaecyn Boné
  • Dina S.
  • Dewi Hargreaves
  • Carter Hutchison

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